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Privacy Policy


SKIN TECH PHARMA GROUP SL is a company incorporated in Spain with registered office in Castelló d’Empúries, 17486, C/ Pla de l’Estany 29, holding fiscal identity number “B17470261”. Data Protection Compliant:



We collect user’s data in order to deliver   them a deeper approach of our products and educational program, to provide them with a closer sales channel and to perform a market evaluation.



We collect your data on the legal basis of your consent.



We will treat your data as long as the purpose of the storage of your data remains necessary and user has not rejected.



In order to perform the purposes according to which consent has been given to, SKIN TECHPHARMA GROUP SL transfers   the data to third parties (processors).



User is assisted by the following rights: right to access to the data and its portability, right to correct the data, right to restrict the usage of the data and right to revoke.
User may exercise the above rights by contacting SKIN TECH PHARMA GROUP S.L on the following e-mail:
User may appeal to Spanish Competent Authority (Agencia de Protección de Datos).


User guarantees SKIN TECH PHARMA GROUP SL. the genuineness of its data. Any changes made by the user should be notified to the Data Protection Compliant of SKIN TECH PHARMA GROUP SL. User is the unique responsible of the veracity and the accurateness of its personal data transferred to SKIN TECH PHARMA GROUP SL.or to its third party. Therefore, SKIN TECH PHARMA GROUP SL is exempt from its liability regarding the veracity of the data provided by the user of its web site.